[Originally posted on 6 July 2013. This is a recovered reposting.]

So you’ve decided to roll a mage. Congratulations!

If you haven’t played a particular race before (or if it’s been awhile since you last leveled a character from level one), it can be a lot to handle. The first thing to do is take a deep breath. Don’t panic. Gnomes and Worgen have a lot happening when you first arrive. Goblins are fairly busy as well, but they are on par with the Human starting zone. Comparatively, the other races are fairly sedate.

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Welcome to the 2014 MoonlightMuser.com.

Unfortunately the new year brought along a file corruption that I do not wish to sort out. I do have back ups of posts that I will be reposting as I have time once I get the site back up and running.

My goals for this year is to become more regular about maintaining this site so the corruption doesn’t happen to me again. Keep your fingers crossed!